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   Thanks for stopping by and looking at my weight lifting page!

   If I had to give this page a purpose, it's to provide me an incentive to work out, and improve myself physically. I'm not going to put any words of wisdom about how to lift weights, mainly because I'm looking for plenty of those myself! I'm hoping that posting this on the Internet will make me work out harder, so I won't look too bad on paper. Isn't that shallow? I don't think so. Sometimes the mental part of lifting is more important than the physical part.

   I work out at the Harold Davis Fitness Center. If you are looking for a place to work out in the Big Spring, TX area, check them out and see what they have to offer. They have a very good facility!

Fat %
05/20/99232 14.7514.512.512.7524.2524.517.2517.546.538.5
06/21/99228 14.7514.512.7513.024.524.517.518.046.538.5
07/22/99227 14.7514.7512.512.7524.524.517.518.047.038.5
08/30/99224 14.514.512.512.524.024.2517.2518.046.539.0
11/03/99226 14.514.512.512.7524.024.517.2517.7546.7538.0
12/01/99226 14.514.512.512.524.2524.517.2517.546.538.5
02/01/00225 14.514.512.512.7524.2524.517.2517.546.539.0
05/01/00225 14.514.2512.512.7524.2524.2517.2517.546.539.0
Well, I had to stop lifting weights because of a shoulder injury. I'm resting it, and will go back to lifting when I think it's ready. My numbers stayed just about the same, so maybe it's time to do something else anyway.

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