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 Hello you surfers. Thanks for coming by my hunting page. Hunting is one of the things that I enjoy doing. Even when I don't 'have any luck' I really have a lot of fun. One of the types of hunting that I enjoy the most is Varmint Hunting. There's nothing like getting a predator to come in to a call that you are making. It's really a rush to be the hunted for a while, instead of the hunter.

 I also enjoy bird hunting, both quail and dove. Of course deer and turkey are also a lot of fun too!

 I am planning on making this page be a journal of hunts I take, and things that I think are important. I also am planning on listing links to hunting related pages on the Internet.

Organizations I am a Member Of

National Rifle Association (life member)
North American Hunting Club (life member)
The Varmint Hunter's Association (life member)

Hunting and Gun Related Links
Fish and Game Departments by State
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The Hunting Lodge
Hunting Net
The National Atlas of the United States
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The Varmint Den (John St. Clair)
Vic and John-Henry's coyote calling page
Virtual Benchrest I
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Lee Precision
Quality Cartridge
The Reloading Bench
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Winchester Ammunition
Winchester Guns

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